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Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis discuss the happenings of their rural Indiana county week to week. The Boss Hog of Liberty is a local show with a national impact, because everyone in the world lives in a county similar to theirs. The crew details their lives and gives interview opportunities to the world's top experts in politics, policy, economics, and anything else they find interesting! Listen today, and support the show on Patreon at

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  • 84: Senate Debate - Cravens vs. Gaskill vs. Noland

    Episode  |  November 1st, 2018  |  1 hr 17 mins

    Episode 84 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

    Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis host the latest in the wildly popular candidates series, sponsored by Weiland’s Flowers of New Castle, and with support of the Henry County League of Women Voters.

    Henry County has an open State Senate Seat and all three candidates participated in our program. Dave Cravens is the Democrat candidate, Mike Gaskill is the Republican, and Greg Noland is the Libertarian. The district covers portions of Henry, Delaware, and Madison counties.

    Topics include criminal justice, jails, public education, industrial hemp, medicinal and recreational marijuana policy, property taxes, and potential hate crime legislation.

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  • 83: Morrell & Cronk for Council

    Episode  |  October 24th, 2018  |  1 hr 22 mins

    Episode 83 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

    Dakota Davis hosts a unique episode of the program in the candidate series. Jeremiah slid over to the candidate chair in his race for the Henry County Council. Pat Cronk accepted our invitation as we dedicated the evening to discuss the issues in the most hotly contested council race in Henry County.
    Tonight’s episode is sponsored by Weilands Flowers of New Castle. Kenon Gray was extended an invitation, but declined to participate.

    Topics include the future of our jail, parks, substance abuse, wind energy, tax policy and much more.

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  • 82: Ferkinhoff For Congress

    Episode  |  October 18th, 2018  |  1 hr 11 mins

    Tom Ferkinhoff joins the guys in studio for his candidate interview. Tom is Jeannine Lee Lake's favorite Libertarian and is running against her and Greg Pence for Indiana's 6th Congressional District. Jeremiah Morrell and Tom talk a bit about his background, his hobbies, and what inspired his to join the race. Tom originally planned to run as a Republican, before discovering the Libertarian Party and how closely he aligns with their views. Tom is now the Wayne County party chairman.

    Dakota Davis asks Tom about his campaign issues, which can be found at Sit back, and listen to Tom's views on entitlement spending, taxes, tariffs, and healthcare. Tom tells the voters why he believes himself to be the best candidate for congress in this race. Chase Peyton asks a series of questions, including, which state Tom would get rid of if he had the choice. Chase and Dakota picked Ohio. Sorry, buckeyes.

    This episode of Boss Hog of Liberty was brought to you by The Slick Pickle, looking to have some fun?Hire them for your next night out! Enjoy!

  • 81: Jeannine Lee Lake - Challenging the VP's Brother

    Episode  |  October 11th, 2018  |  1 hr 31 mins

    Episode 81 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

    Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis continue the fan favorite candidate series with Jeannine Lee Lake, candidate for Congress. Tonight’s episode is sponsored by Big Bounce of New Castle. In the co-host seat is New Castle City Councilman, Aaron Dicken.

    We learn about Jeannine’s interest in politics, the chance meeting with David Letterman and how it helped power her to a win in a crowded primary. This race has been marked by a lack of public appearances and debates by the GOP nominee, Greg Pence, seeking to fill the seat once held by his brother, Vice President Mike Pence.

    Topics include transparency, energy, education, civil liberties, civil rights, agriculture, tariffs, and much more!

    Note – all candidates on the ballot were invited to join the program, Tom Ferkinhoff will be joining us next week. Greg Pence has declined our invitation, but if their campaign changes their mind, our door is always open.

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  • 80: Council District 3 - Riddle & Clark

    Episode  |  October 4th, 2018  |  1 hr 11 mins

    Episode 80 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

    Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis host the kick off episode of the fan favorite candidate series. Tonight’s episode is sponsored by Wieland’s flowers, Henry Counties favorite florist!

    We are joined by candidates from the 3rd Henry County Council district, Dakota Clark and Jesse Riddle.

    Topics include transparency in county government, the future of the jail, parks, and the future of our county budget. We even went the extra step and asked the candidates to identify something that they liked about those in their race, and those already serving. Are you satisfied with their answers?

    Note – all candidates on the ballot were invited to join the program, Peg Stefandel declined the invitation, and referred voters back to her appearance on episode 55.

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  • Bonus: Jeremiah Morrell on Abdul's Political Perspectives

    Episode  |  October 3rd, 2018  |  10 mins 49 secs

    Indy Politics continues its look at the state's political climate. Today we speak with Henry County Libertarian Jeremiah Morrell, who does the Boss Hog of Liberty podcast, to see what issues are facing Hoosiers in the eastern part of the state.

  • BONUS: Henry County Saddle Club - Live Episode

    Episode  |  October 2nd, 2018  |  35 mins 20 secs

    Jeremiah and Dakota took the podcast on the road and did an episode live on location. The crew was invited to join the Henry County Saddle Club at their fall Membership meeting. After the meeting, the guys did interviews with multiple members of the HCSC. Learning the history of the club and why it means so much to so many people. Enjoy!

  • 79: League of Women Voters Restarts - The Expo Center Explained

    Episode  |  September 26th, 2018  |  1 hr 24 mins

    Episode 79 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

    Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are re-joined by Sara Morrell in the co-host chair. Somehow this became teacher night on BHOL. As retired teachers Nan Polk and Cathy Hamilton have joined us, along with Sara’s retirement from teaching. Each of them have continued their service to the community through a number of roles!

    Nan Polk is leading the newly re-started Henry County League of Women Voters organization. They have been behind a voter registration drive, candidate forums, and advocacy for voting district sensibility.

    Cathy Hamilton works with the Hope Initiative, and is working as the fundraising campaign chair for the new Expo Center inside of Memorial Park. We talk about the future of the park, the prospects for the new facility, different programming that will be available, including Purdue Extension, and the recently announced Henry County Community Foundation.

    Donations to the Henry County Expo Center are fully tax deductible as a 501c3 group, and the first $10,000 each individual donates will be matched 100% by the Community Foundation.

    Checks may be sent to:

    Expo Center
    PO Box 137
    New Castle, IN 47362

    Finally, Dakota and Jeremiah detail the upcoming candidate series between now and Election Day. Get ready for PLENTY of local coverage on Boss Hog of Liberty!

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  • 78: Donya Lester - Must government be mixed with Universities and Agriculture?

    Episode  |  September 20th, 2018  |  1 hr 41 mins

    Episode 78 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

    Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by co-host Chase Peyton this week. Our featured guest is Donya Lester, recently retired from the Purdue College of Agriculture as the Director of Public Engagement and the Executive Director of Purdue University College of Agriculture's Alumni Association.

    Donya explains how Purdue University fits in as a land grand university, and the way that integrates into our daily lives, with regard to research and getting that research into our local communities. Absolutely fascinating conversation, ranging from food security, crop research, opioid addiction and much more.

    Additionally, we explore the new sidewalks in southern New Castle, are they a giant waste, or a great thing? We talk about a potential new movie theatre in our community. Finally we learn about Chase’s trip to Chicago and if he followed Jeremiah & Dakota’s advice.

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  • 77: Chris Spangle - North Korea Propaganda, Hooters, and Chase's New Shirt

    Episode  |  September 13th, 2018  |  1 hr 32 mins

    Episode 77 features We Are Libertarian's own Dear Leader, Chris Spangle. Chris runs and founded the WAL network that syndicates Boss Hog of Liberty. He stopped by to record the first episode in the brand new studio, made possible by our Patreon donors.

    Chris and Dakota talk about the reason Hooters restraunt is not performing well with Millennials. Is it really because men our age dont like women the same as generations before us? Or are Millennial men more respectful of women because of the #MeToo era we live in? Dakota thinks that the buffalo shrimp is lacking. What do you think?

    Jeremiah and Chris talk about the rise of podcasts and Chris's new show, The Chris Spangle Show. CSS is a daily, center of the spectum news show. This week, Chris may have accidentally been involved in a North Korean Propaganda photo shoot. The story is hilarious, listen as Chris recounts his moment of horror in Indianapolis.

    Finally, we are joined by Chase Peyton and Kade Koger. Chase had the most offensive shirt printed that he could think of. If he thought our "baby boomer" fans disliked him before, just wait until you see this.


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  • 76 - Ghost Peppers - Darrin Jacobs - Senate Race

    Episode  |  September 6th, 2018  |  1 hr 14 mins

    Episode 76 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

    Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis host the final (we think) episode of BHOL from the Davis home studio. To help close it out, Chase Peyton and Audrey Jo Davis sit in studio.

    Darrin Jacobs comes by to educate us on what a county planning commission actually does, and their role in creating ordinances. Darrin also serves as the President of the Spiceland town council. Dakota and Darrin nerd out over electric delivery methods.
    Darrin shows off this green thumb and brought in some home grown ghost peppers. Against all medical advice, everyone in the studio ate a pepper…We will warn you…It is great video, but some less than ideal podcast audio. Make sure you watch the Facebook or YouTube video for the full experience.

    Finally, the guys try to get through a conversation about the US Senate race…And then Jeremiah got the sad idea to eat another pepper. That pretty much ended things. This one is memorable.


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  • 75: Chris Bowers & Jordan Bruno - A Comedians Hard Work, Comedy on Campus, and Van Living

    Episode  |  August 30th, 2018  |  1 hr 26 mins

    Episode 75 was full of laughs brought on by guest Chris Bowers. Chris is the former owner of Morty's Comedy Joint and motivational speaker/comedian. Dakota and Chris talked about the hard work that comedians have to do to become successful in their fields, after Dakota saw the incredible amount of work Dan Cummins puts into his shows.

    Jeremiah and Chris talk about the current climate on college campuses. and whether or not the environment there is increasingly hostile towards comedians. Chris makes the distinction that Andy Gross is in fact a magician and not a comedian.

    Jordan Bruno is back from living life in his Chevy Astro. The guys called him crazy when he told them his plan in episode 15. Were they right? Or was living life on the road better than it's cracked up to be?

  • BONUS: Henry County Commissioner's WECS Meeting

    Episode  |  August 22nd, 2018  |  41 mins 45 secs

    Audio from the August 22, 2018 Commissioner's meeting, where they voted to approve the Wind Energy Ordinance for Henry County. Audio provided by journalist Eldon Pitts.

  • 74: Steve Horwitz - John Schnatter, Andy Gross, and "Shop Local" Morality

    Episode  |  August 20th, 2018  |  1 hr 38 mins

    Episode 74 saw the return of Boss Hog of Liberty fan's favorite guest, Economics professor, Steve Horwitz. Steve stopped by to talk to the guys about the current political climate on college campuses. Starting first the decision to remove John "Papa John" Schnatter's name from his building and professorship. Steve and Jeremiah talked about the use of language in today's world, and the reasoning behind Ball State University's decision.

    Purdue Freshman, Mason Rottinghaus called in to tell the guys about his experience in the auditorium during Andy Gross's performance. The crew delves into the specifics of the "outrage" by Purdue students and asks whether or not this is a case of 21st century manufactured outrage. Chase Peyton asks Mason about his first impressions on campus, and Steve gives his insight as a professor.

    Finally, they discuss the supposed morality of shopping local vs. purchasing from a big box store. Steve does what he does best and breaks down the logistics of the scenario. Completely dismantling all of the "pro-local" arguments. What do you think, should we be more supportive of local businesses? Steve's writings for FEE on the topic can be found at


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  • 73: Rob Kendall - Roncalli Scandal - Can you cut taxes?

    Episode  |  August 16th, 2018  |  1 hr 36 mins

    Episode 73 of Boss Hog of Liberty is now available!

    Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis host the legendary tax cutter from Brownsburg India, Rob Kendall. Rob is a We Are Libertarians network alumni, Host of the Rob Kendall Show at 93 WIBC, and producer for the Chicks on the Right’s midday show during the week. Our 3rd chair co-host is the American Hero, Chris Guffey.

    We talk local government, Rob’s exclusive interview with President Donald Trump. We learn how you go from volunteer at a radio station to working at the talk radio standard in the Midwest.

    Roncalli high school alumni, and Espresso podcast host, Joey Mulinaro called in and we discussed the controversy surrounding a school employee being suspended for being in a same sex marriage. A wildly complicated story, with as many layers as an onion. Should private schools be able to have moral clauses? If there are public dollars going to private schools, should there be strings attached? What happens when someone weaponizes a marriage license?

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  • 72: Jon Kindred - Booming Real Estate, The Economy, and The Effect of Local Governments

    Episode  |  August 9th, 2018  |  1 hr 29 mins

    This episode of Boss Hog of Liberty featured special guest Jon Kindred. Jon is a Realtor with F.C. Tucker, and has witnessed the growth of the market first-hand. jon sat down and explained the in's and outs of the business, as well as some trade secrets. The guys were ready to learn and asked Jon a series of questions, all of which came with a good answer.

    Kade Koger and Dakota Davis talked about the effect of home prices on local economies and how business like L&K Farms use the numbers to help caculate costs. Kade broke the news that the are now selling their world famous blueberry doughnuts once again. Jeremiah spent some time campaigning this week and is ready for your vote in the fall.

    Such a great episode with lots of incredibly valuable information!