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Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis discuss the happenings of their rural Indiana county week to week. The Boss Hog of Liberty is a local show with a national impact, because everyone in the world lives in a county similar to theirs. The crew details their lives and gives interview opportunities to the world's top experts in politics, policy, economics, and anything else they find interesting! Listen today, and support the show on Patreon at

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  • 49: Doughboy Controversy - Susan Huhn - Windmills - Zoning

    Episode  |  March 22nd, 2018  |  1 hr 21 mins

    Episode 49 of Boss Hog of Liberty is available now!

    Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by Kade Koger in the co-host chair. We are starting our series interviewing local candidates that are on the May primary ballot. This week we have Susan Huhn, who is challenging the incumbent Republican County council president Nate LaMar. Susan fought off a challenge to get onto the ballot as a Republican.

    We discuss the big issues of the day in our community, the infamous “Doughboy Monument” in Henry County Memorial Park, and the latest park board meeting and the controversy around its renovation and relocation.

    We also talk with Susan Huhn about potential wind development in the county, proper zoning and one specific project that is being shifted from rural residential to light industrial.

    We also get into some great discussions about government transparency, tax abatements, economic development, local option income taxes, and much more!

    A great episode to start the local candidate series.
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  • 48: Scott Fleener - US Army - South Korea - Becoming a Libertarian

    Episode  |  March 13th, 2018  |  1 hr 32 mins

    Episode 48 of Boss Hog of Liberty is available now!

    Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by Chase Peyton in the co-host chair. The featured guest is Scott Fleener. Scott served in the US Army before he was medically discharged.

    Scott shares his experiences in the Army, being stationed in South Korea as an MP (Military Police). Scott was discharged this winter after suffering a medical emergency, and is now going to continue his education at Ball State University.

    During his time in the service, he transitioned to Libertarianism and discovered Gary Johnson. Spoiler alert, Scott didn’t know where Aleppo was either.

    Dakota spent an entire Friday trying to get answers to his story on the dispute between the Henry County Council, Auditor, Sheriff’s department, and commissioners over where funds were budgeted and if the proper process is being followed.
    Chase has the breaking sports scores from the NCAA tournament, plausibly live.

    Jeremiah previews the next few weeks of shows as we follow the local primary election races.

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  • 47: Kaitlyn Kopetski & Jess Hooker / Blonde on Brunette - St Patrick's Day

    Episode  |  March 8th, 2018  |  1 hr 36 mins

    Episode 47 of Boss Hog of Liberty is available now!

    Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined this week by Jess Hooker and Kaitlyn Kopetski of Blonde on Brunette, the hit show on You Tube.

    Jeremiah has big news about a future episode, Dakota is prepping for vacation.

    There is a great discussion about CBD oil and the likely legalization in Indiana. Jess Hooker’s family has been front and center in the media over the issue in the past few years, with her daughter using the oil to attempt to combat seizures caused by epilepsy.

    Kaitlyn and Jess prepare cocktails for everyone to enjoy. Dakota attempts to educate everyone on the history of St Patrick’s Day. Jeremiah shares the Rushville St Patrick’s Day experience, Jess promises to come to Rushville. There is real excitement about Indy 500 Carb Day. Spring is just around the corner.

    Must listen!

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  • 46: Senate Candidate Dave Ring - Organic Farming - Berniecrats

    Episode  |  March 1st, 2018  |  1 hr 43 mins

    Episode 46 of Boss Hog of Liberty is available now!

    Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined this week by Chase Peyton making his grand return in the fourth chair. Jeremiah went to the boys sectional game in New Castle and performed an undercover mission for this week's show. Dakota spent some time at Norris English Pub and even received a free glass!

    Our featured guest is Dave Ring. Dave is one of two Democrat candidates seeking nomination to run for the District 26 State Senate seat. From Albany, IN, Dave owns and operates The Downtown Farm Stand in Muncie, IN. Dave is a self-described “Berniecrat” meaning he sides heavily with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

    We discuss the issues that Dave has faced running a campaign without money from special interest groups or corporations, and what it's like to run outside of the establishment. He feels the people of District 26 deserve choices and the guys could not agree more.

    Jeremiah and Dakota run through the list of issues that are on the Dave Ring website and the solutions he would propose. A lot of time was spent on CAFO’s and furthering regulations, gerrymandering reform, CBD oil/medical marijuana, and the opioid epidemic.
    Finally, Chase Peyton runs us through a sports update and explains his new look. Dakota reveals that there will be big news coming from the County Council this week, and Jeremiah reminds everyone to buy tickets for the Area 6 Libertarian Convention.

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  • 45: Steve Horwitz - Jordan Peterson / Wind / Economic Development

    Episode  |  February 22nd, 2018  |  1 hr 23 mins

    Episode 45 of Boss Hog of Liberty is available now!

    Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined this week Aaron Ewert making his co-hosting debut on the program. Dakota was invited by Americans for Prosperity to attend the GOP primary debate, and he has his report.

    Our featured guest is Steve Horwitz, Distinguished Professor of Economics at Ball State University, and frequent contributor to FEE, Reason, and

    We discuss the rise of Jordan Peterson and where we should be skeptical. “Price gouging” and hurricane emergency pricing comes up again and we learn about why it is not as immoral as it feels.

    Real world application of economic theory talking about wind projects, energy, decaying downtowns, transitioning from old school manufacturing to service and lean manufacturing.

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  • 44: Robin Miller - Indy 500 Preview

    Episode  |  February 16th, 2018  |  1 hr 5 mins

    Robin Miller joins the Boss Hog of Liberty team for our first phone interview. Jeremiah Morrell, Dakota Davis, Danny Morrell, and Chris Spangle chat with Robin about local sports topics ranging from IHSAA basketball legend Marion Pierce, to New Castle Motor Sports Park being the first class racing gem of our community.

    Robin is entering his 50th year of covering Indycar and championship racing, along with his career covering the Indianapolis Colts, Pacers, and IU Basketball. Robin tells us about how the Unser family couldn’t rent a car in the continental United States, how Dan Gurney and AJ Foyt are some of the greatest legends he covered.

    We discuss Robin’s latest piece on previewing the expected field for the Indy 500. Danica Patrick let the word slip that she is going to be at Ed Carpenter Racing for the 500. Robin highlights her success at Indianapolis and her chances for a great finish at this year’s race. Conor Daly is expected to have a ride with Dale Coyne Racing. No worries about having a field of 33 this year.

    The guys are all going to take Dakota to his first Indy 500 experience this May. If you want to join them, jump on and get your tickets. Look for them in the turn 3 infield.

    Follow Robin on NBCSN and along with the Marshall Pruett Podcast. Information on supporting his cancer fight with commemorative stickers will be available through the Marshall Pruett Podcast as linked below.

    Follow Robin’s writing here:

  • 43: State Rep. Tom Saunders - Nixon to the Statehouse - Wind / Ag / CAFO's / Cold Beer

    Episode  |  February 14th, 2018  |  1 hr 37 mins

    Episode 43 of Boss Hog of Liberty is a chat with State Representative Tom Saunders of Indiana. Jeremiah Morrell, Dakota Davis, and Kade Koger are this week’s hosts.

    We learn about the path Rep. Saunders took from writing a letter to President Nixon, to becoming the janitor at the County Courthouse, to spending the last 22 years as a State Representative. It was noted that Jeremiah volunteered on Tom’s first campaign, and Dakota was born as Tom took office. It was noted that Jeremiah ran against Rep. Saunders in 2012 and has a yard sign from every opponent he has ever faced.

    Rep Saunders leads the “Roving Elephants” club and they visit different historical sites and with the people that had first-hand knowledge, and they discussed his visit to the Mall on the day of Trumps inauguration.

    Long form discussion on Agricultural issues, including CAFO’s, Wind, and drainage. CBD Oil, Medical marijuana, Cold Beer, Sunday Sales, Township government, and many other topics.

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  • 42: Sean Row - Jury Selection - Space X - Sunday Sales - Snake Josh McDaniels

    Episode  |  February 9th, 2018  |  1 hr 43 mins

    Episode 42 features returning featured guest Sean Row. Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by regular co-host Kade Koger. They discuss Super Bowl prop bets, Dakota’s Rock Star status at council meetings.

    We speak with Sean about his work in the public defender role. Learning that he might have 40 cases at one time. However only 1-2 a year go to trial. We also dig deep into jury selection and the importance of filling out the questionnaires that are mailed in advance.
    We continue to track Sunday Sales, CBD Oil, and Industrial Hemp as it tracks through the Indiana Statehouse, and hopefully landing on the Governor’s desk.

    Jeremiah seethes over Josh McDaniel’s making the Indianapolis Colts look like fools and taking joy in the Eagles beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

    Big discussions Space X and the work of Elon Musk in a possibly post NASA world with space travel and exploration.
    This week is the filing deadline for the old parties, so we notate our local candidates that are in the mix for seats. Boss Hog of Liberty will follow these races through November and bring the candidates through the show to learn about what they view the issues to be.
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  • 41: Mark Rutherford & The State of the Union

    Episode  |  February 1st, 2018  |  1 hr 17 mins

    Episode 41 features Mark Rutherford. An attorney from Indianapolis, he serves as the chairman of the Indiana Public Defender Commission, appointed by the Governor. Mark recently announced that he is a candidate for Secretary of State. We discuss the issues that the Secretary of State and how electing a Libertarian would make a difference in that office.

    Sitting in the guest chair is Chris Guffey, who was one of the earliest super fans of the Boss Hog of Liberty podcast. Chris’s claims to fame are being a veteran, and was one of the first to climb the infamous mosquito hill last summer. When he is not at the gym, you can find him volunteering at Saved Games in New Castle.

    Topics include the State of the Union address, with clips from President Trump, Rep. Kennedy, and LP Chairman Nick Sarwark. Also a brief update on local wind ordinances and a major agriculture/industrial hemp bill that is working through the Indiana General Assembly.

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  • 40: Paul Fabrick - Government Shut Down / Indiana gets cold beer

    Episode  |  January 25th, 2018  |  1 hr 30 mins

    Episode 40 is a fun one with Paul Fabrick as the featured guest. Paul manages Montgomery Steakhouse in Spiceland and has the biggest voice you have ever heard on the Boss Hog of Liberty. He is featured on the UFC and the Bob and Tom show.

    The guys talk about their night out at Montgomery’s, do a Super Bowl preview, cover the latest county council meeting, a possible candidacy for Jeremiah. They guys get to know Paul and how he is involved in the community. Dakota explains why the government was shut down, and Jeremiah covers the statehouse topics and the issues of the week.
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  • 39: US Senate Candidate: Andy Horning & The Constitution

    Episode  |  January 18th, 2018  |  1 hr 24 mins

    Episode 39 is as our first dive into the US Senate Race. Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by Kade Koger as they meet Andrew Horning.

    Andy is very experienced in Indiana politics, having run for Governor, US Representative, and US Senate in previous years, both as a Republican and as a Libertarian. We discuss the reasons why he is running, and what he believes it the corruption of our government. Andy discusses the need to return to simply abiding by the US and state Constitutions.

    Tune in to learn more about Andy and how you can help him make the ballot in May.

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  • 38: Trump Tower, Chicago, NFL, Indiana General Assembly

    Episode  |  January 14th, 2018  |  1 hr 23 mins

    Episode 38 is a deep dive into the issues of the State of Indiana. Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by Chase Peyton.

    The guys discuss their recent trips to Chicago, Jeremiah visited Second City, Dakota had some great fried Chicken, and Chase watched the Bears beat up on the Browns in the snow.

    Discussions include the NFL playoffs, the Senate GOP’s agenda, including two major libertarian issues of Sunday Sales and civil asset forfeiture. Governor Holcomb’s State of the State is also broken down.

    Very informative show!
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  • 37: Senator Mike Crider - Medical Marijuana - DNR - CBD Oil

    Episode  |  January 5th, 2018  |  1 hr 42 mins

    Episode 37 of Boss Hog of Liberty is a great interview with State Senator Mike Crider, along with Jeremiah Morrell, Dakota Davis, and Kade Koger.

    Mike Crider represents Hancock County and portions of Marion and Shelby County Indiana. He recently was a candidate for the 6th Congressional district. Mike worked a career with the Indiana (Department of Natural Resources) and retired after 30 years.
    We learned about his role with DNR, the congressional race, summarized the highway bill that became law last year that mike carried, and previewed the legislative session that started this week. Topics include CBD oil, agriculture safety, constitutional carry, medical marijuana, and more!

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  • Holiday Easter Egg - Gift Exchange - Sponsored by MVP Barber Shop

    Episode  |  December 30th, 2017  |  11 mins 45 secs

    Jeremiah and Dakota exchange Christmas gifts on this special easter egg episode of Boss Hog of Liberty.

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  • 36: Lane Siekman for Congress & Chris Spangle

    Episode  |  December 28th, 2017  |  1 hr 26 mins

    Episode 36 of Boss Hog of Liberty is proof that people who don’t agree on everything makes a good program.

    Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined this week by the leader of all libertarians, Chris Spangle founder, editor, and dear leader of the We Are Libertarians Network.
    Our featured guest is Lane Siekman, Democrat candidate for US Congress in the 6th District in Indiana. Lane is from Rising Sun, Indiana, a town of 2,000 people, in the smallest county in the state. Ohio County only has 6,000 residents.

    Lane works as an attorney, economic development official, professor at Ivy Tech, and we are pretty sure if asked, he would drive a snow plow or sweep a town street.
    We have in depth discussions about the future of the 6th district, what it is like to run for office in a rural community. Topics include Healthcare, Taxes, Opioids, Energy Policy, and much more.

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  • 35: State Representative Melanie Wright - Indiana Legislative Preview

    Episode  |  December 21st, 2017  |  1 hr 19 mins

    Episode 35 of Boss Hog of Liberty is our first episode with a State Representative.

    Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined this week by one of our new rotating co-hosts, Danny Morrell. Danny, Chase Peyton, and Kade Koger are now officially in the lineup as co-hosts of the program.
    State Representative Melanie Wright joins us to talk about the upcoming legislative session. We discuss the committees she serves on, her involvement with human trafficking legislation and the involvement of the federal government in education. Melanie is a public school teacher and represents portions of Madison and Delaware Counties in Indiana. Melanie is a Democrat in a very rural and mostly conservative district.

    We discuss the three hot button issues that are coming our way this session, Cold Beer / Sunday Sales, CBD Oil / Marijuana legislation, and the possibility of constitutional carry of handguns.

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