• Jeremiah Morrell

    Jeremiah Morrell has hosted 32 episodes.

    "Host of the Boss Hog of Liberty. Jeremiah is a former candidate for the Libertarian Party, managed Rex Bell's statewide campaign for Governor of Indiana, and past President of the Henry County Memorial Park Board.

    Jeremiah is an avid Indy Car fan and his day job is selling steel to build "muh roads."

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  • Dakota Davis

    Dakota Davis has hosted 31 episodes.

    Diligently trying to provide a Libertarian stance from a young millennial's point of view. I'm the Boss Hog's partner in crime. Let's try to keep it PG-18 boys.

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  • Clay Morgan

    Clay Morgan has hosted 10 episodes.

    Clay has over twenty years of leadership experience having served his local church. His roles have included Youth Pastor, Elder, and Associate Pastor. Currently residing in New Castle, IN with his wife of twenty years, Beth, and five sons, he owns and operates MVP Barber Shop and serves on the board of Victory Lane Camp, a ministry to families who have children with disabilities.

    Clay’s other roles include serving his second term in local government as a County Councilman, is Co-Chair of the Henry County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee, and serves on a steering committee that focuses on alternatives to juvenile detention.

    He has also enjoyed the privilege of serving as Co-Chair of a Faith Based Leaders Advisory Committee to U.S. Congressman Luke Messer, IN-6th.

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  • Sara Potter

    Sara Potter has hosted 3 episodes.

    Sara is in the teaching profession. She is most passionate about helping others succeed and supporting friends and family through their endeavors. She enjoys talking about food, politics, and anything Indiana. She was brought to the WAL cast by a generous donation of $50 to come to a live podcast at Morty's Comedy Joint, and has been around ever since. She is also the First Lady of the Boss Hogg of Liberty, Jeremiah Morrell.

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  • Audrey Jo Peavie

    Audrey Jo Peavie has hosted 4 episodes.

    Audrey is Dakota's wife-to-be. Audrey is a physician in training and is coming close to being the most educated host on the WAL network.

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