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Open Letter to all Indiana 6th District Congressional Candidates

Right now our district is interviewing men and women to hold our seat in Congress. In the past few days our President has launched a military attack on foreign soil with the only authorization being a now 17 year old congressional approval for retaliation from 9/11 against those responsible for the attacks.
Congress has failed its Constitutional responsibility to declare war or authorize war. As a nation we have not declared war since 1941. But we have continually been involved in conflicts across the globe.

Today I challenge every candidate for the 6th district Congress seat to share their view on military conflict, approval, and the Congressional role. President Trump ran on a more thoughtful, Constitutional foreign policy. He advocated for Congressional approval before President Obama dropped bombs in Syria. When he took the Presidential powers, it was the same imperial Presidency with a lack of Congressional approval.
I want to know from each of the candidates for our seat in Congress. Would you be speaking out against this action of President Trump as he has failed to consult with or receive authorization from Congress, consistent with the 1973 War Powers Act?

This week, 88 members of Congress signed a letter demanding this authorization. 140 signed a similar letter in 2013. Unfortunately very few members signed both letters. Would you have signed that letter?
I want to know where my next congressperson stands on this issue. And I find it necessary that that person feels the same way regardless of the President holding the office, or if they are in the majority or minority in the Congress.

Jeremiah Morrell

Jeremiah Morrell is a co-host of the Boss Hog of Liberty and the Libertarian Party of Indiana Central Committee representative for the 6th district. Jeremiah lives in New Castle and can be reached by email at [email protected]